Emily Trent

Actor - Writer - Stunt Performer

She / Her / Hers

I am an actor, currently based out of Missouri, working on my BFA in Acting from Missouri State University!







I am an actor because...

  • I love the stories.

  • That's why I write, edit, sing...

  • I like to look at the world from different points of view.

Work hard.

  • I will work until the story is livable.

  • I don't think people will get anywhere in life without a bit of initiative.

Fight Fair.

  • I am a certified actor combatant.

  • It's important to listen and learn.

  • I understand stunt coordination and fight choreography.

Have Fun.

  • People are interesting!

  • Everyone's story is important! 

  • Telling the story is fun!

Blue to Cream Gradient


Coming Soon



Virtual LA Showcase,

April 21st @ 1pm & 6pm

Students graduating from our nationally recognized Acting Program perform for industry professionals and Missouri State alumni.


Visit our showcase link below for more info!


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The 39 Steps

June 23-26 @ 8pm

Suspense thriller meets riotous comedy in this fast-paced parody of Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic 1935 film and John Buchan’s 1915 novel on which it was based. The 39 Steps will keep you laughing even as it keeps you on the edge of your seat!



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Telling the harder stories is just as important as the fun ones! So, I got certified in stage and screen violence at Fight Directors Canada! Who said the harder stories can't be fun, too?


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